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Marine Bar, MontpellierArt Box by Marcel wanders, Kant ingegoten in EpoxyCherry table, Milaan Salontafel 'epoxy square': ingegoten populieren loupé op zwart stalen onderstel. Kunstenaar/meubelmaker: Arne van Oostveen www.arneoostveen.nlTori P, Green leave in space Patrick Moil, Wall Image – St. Paul de Vence Marine land, Wall Image – AntibeArt box by Marcel Wanders, design beurs Tokio

Highly durable quality with a soft character

De Gietfabriek does not limit itself to casting photos:we also cast art!Paintings and posters are some examples.Casting adds value to the art and provides it with a unique character.Liquid becomes art.

De Gietfabriek also casts objects, such aswooden items, tables, desks (counters), and even fabric.Shapes stand out more and all dimensions remain preserved due to the transparency.Artists and designers really make their designs shine even more by casting their work with epoxy.

Casting provides a wonderful balance between the object, the art and the original shape.A desk or a table become art, where they first were simple everyday items.De Gietfabriek’s clients distinguish themselves with their cast art and objects.This is important in a time in which uniformity is passé!

De Gietfabriek creates unique works of great quality and durability!

Online photo order

Would you like to refine your photographs into a smooth, glossy and brilliant artwork? This is exclusively possible at de Gietfabriek. Quick, easy and directly through our order system (in Dutch).

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About de gietfabriek

De Gietfabriek frames photographs in a unique, brilliant way! Using two layers of crystal-clear epoxy, your photo is refined into a special object. This casting is the absolute culmination and the finishing touch on the work of private individuals and (top) photographers.

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