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Inspine Schiedam www.sinck-ko.nl Inspine Schiedam www.sinck-ko.nl Inspine Schiedam www.sinck-ko.nl Taste, The Wine Bar Den Haag - 24k (bladgoud ingegoten) www.sinck-ko.nlMontevideo Rotterdam

De Gietfabriek developed out of Sinck&Ko, supplier and designer of cast floors.

Creating cast floors is a true craft at Sinck&Ko.Whether you choose simplicity, refinement, creative expression or durability:Sinck&Ko can meet all your demands and wishes.One effect is always the same:your floor will radiate character!

Sinck&Ko works with products that meet the extremely high national and international quality and environmental demands.A cast floor by Sinck&Ko is timeless and has a life span of over fifty year!

Visit our site at  www.Sinck-ko.nl

Ingegoten kant Molpolie Belle Vue Hotel Amsterdam NAI (Nederlands Architecten Instituut) RotterdamSoho Bar Den Haag MGB Media - Dubai Sinck&Ko Image floor: Big 5 Beurs Dubai (24k) www.sinck-ko.nl Cristal inlay: Palm Island Dubai Sinck&Ko 24 K Pure gold

Online photo order

Would you like to refine your photographs into a smooth, glossy and brilliant artwork? This is exclusively possible at de Gietfabriek. Quick, easy and directly through our order system (in Dutch).

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About de gietfabriek

De Gietfabriek frames photographs in a unique, brilliant way! Using two layers of crystal-clear epoxy, your photo is refined into a special object. This casting is the absolute culmination and the finishing touch on the work of private individuals and (top) photographers.

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