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Fotografie Henny van Belkom / www.vanbelkomproducties.nl Privium Lounge Schiphol Fotografie: Inga Powilleit  /www.ingapowilleit.com Fotografie: Richard Avedon – Natascha KinskiStudio Marike Andeweg / www.notonlywhite.comStudio Marike Andeweg / www.notonlywhite.comTineke Storteboom: 'Schatten op de Dam' Rabobank www.tinekestorteboom.comAtelier do Sapaoto: Modebeurs Milaan www.atelierdosapato.comAtelier do Sapaoto: Modebeurs Milaan www.atelierdosapato.com www.kolenik.com Fotografie: Marc Langrange / JFK Lounge, Miljonairfair Fotografie: Petrovski&Ramone / JFK Lounge, Miljonairfair Fotografie: Carli Hermès / JFK Lounge, Miljonairfair Fotografie: Andy Tan / JFK Lounge, Miljonairfair

Unique, surprising and elegant!

Millions, billions of people frame their photos, because a photo is always special, personal and dear.De Gietfabriek ensures that photos will last in a brilliant way.Literally refined!A traditional process of precision, turning each photo into a work of art.A photo cast by de Gietfabriek is unique, surprising, stimulating and provides a sense of elegance.

Casting the photos takes place in a dust-free laboratory.The photo is provided with two layers of crystal-clear epoxy by hand.Only in this way can the subtle shades of colour and details be checked and perfected.The result is that photos are provided with depth and are brought to life.Epoxy even provides an enlarging effect.Due to the subtle, brilliant sheen, the picture appears to radiate light.The refinement is executed until perfection is reached.

A cast photo is durable and UV resistant.Both private individuals and professionals are welcome at de Gietfabriek.We gladly offer advice and think along with everyone.A sound service for such a special product.

The cast photos are available in several sizes, up to 1.50 x 6.00 metres.

Casting a photo outside of the standard sizes is, in consultation with us, also possible.
Cast photos can be viewed at Design 020, Pedro de Medinalaan 89-91, Amsterdam or at the Looiersgracht 32-I, Amsterdam

Online photo order

Would you like to refine your photographs into a smooth, glossy and brilliant artwork? This is exclusively possible at de Gietfabriek. Quick, easy and directly through our order system (in Dutch).

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About de gietfabriek

De Gietfabriek frames photographs in a unique, brilliant way! Using two layers of crystal-clear epoxy, your photo is refined into a special object. This casting is the absolute culmination and the finishing touch on the work of private individuals and (top) photographers.

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