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Delivery specifications

We will deliver your picture on 3 mm Dibond. This consists of a black polyethylene sheet with a 0.3 mm aluminium top-layer on both sides. The layers are both produced by a mechanical as well as by a chemical process. Exceedingly strong and no chance of warping. Your picture is supplied with a suspension frame.

The suspension on the back:
On the back of the Dibond, aluminium U-profiles are placed neatly and mitred. Due to these frames, the picture can, for instance, be fixed easily using two screws (instead of hanging it), allowing it to be suspended from the wall.


Online photo order

Would you like to refine your photographs into a smooth, glossy and brilliant artwork? This is exclusively possible at de Gietfabriek. Quick, easy and directly through our order system (in Dutch).

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About de gietfabriek

De Gietfabriek frames photographs in a unique, brilliant way! Using two layers of crystal-clear epoxy, your photo is refined into a special object. This casting is the absolute culmination and the finishing touch on the work of private individuals and (top) photographers.

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